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Aircraft Performance Calculator for iPads

Designed and built for pilots by pilots.

Maverick is built with safety, precision and ease of use in mind. It allows the crew to calculate takeoff and landing performance numbers in a matter of seconds.

Using the AFM and worldwide runway data, and having the ability to automatically pull METAR information, Maverick makes these calculations a breeze.

Some of the calculations made by Maverick include:

  • V1, V2, VR, VFS, %N1, Takeoff Distance, Climb Gradients
  • VREF, VAC, Landing Distance (factored and unfactored.)
  • Effects of weight, configuration and runway surface conditions


Maverick is designed to take full advantage of modern hardware and software development methodologies.

Weight & Balance

A super simple user interface allows for quick and easy loading of passengers, cargo and fuel.

Worldwide Database

No need to look for runway data anywhere else - you have a database of 30000+ runways at your fingertips.

METAR Integration

Why manually enter the weather, when Maverick can use the latest METAR and do it for you?

Fleet Management

Computed and "Displayed" to Ensure Airplane Remains Above Plane of SID/Obstacle.

Weight & Balance

Calculating Weight and Balance have never been easier before.

By simply dragging the weight sliders, and setting fuel, passenger and baggage weights, Maverick automatically calculates Zero Fuel Weight, Takeoff Weight, Landing Weight, and the Center of Gravity (or %MAC) for each stage of the flight.

The station configuration is centrally managed through the admin console, which allows the chief pilot or the system administrator to make any changes to the aircraft configuration and push it to the iPads running the software.

Worldwide Runway Database

Maverick comes with a worldwide databse of 30,000+ runways.

The pilot has access to information such as runway heading, elevation, length and slope, and has the ability to choose between any available runway without manually entering the aforementioned data.

The runway data is available offline, so not having internet connection does not change a thing!

METAR Integration

To avoid human error and save time, Maverick will pull the latest METAR for departure and arrival airports, and will automatically adjust the performance numbers according to the weather conditions obtained from the report.

Should the weather change between when the METAR was obtained and the takeoff (or landing,) either a new METAR could be pulled, or a simple manual adjustment will be sufficient to accurately compute the numbers according to the latest conditions.

If the airport does not have a metar, or if the device is offline, the user can always enter the weather information manually.

Fleet Management

Maverick allows the operator to manage all of its fleet from one convenient location. Seat configuration change, weight alteration, or any other changes are a matter of a couple of clicks. This allows a centralized control over your fleet, and it is a valuable feature for an administrator or the chief pilot.

Furthermore, a single iPad can be used in any aircraft, since all of the company's fleet is available on any device that company owns.

Any changes made by the administrator or the chief pilot to any of the airplanes will be downloaded to all the company devices next time it's connected to the internet.

Currently supported aircraft

Here is a list of currently supported aircraft. We are constantly in the process of adding support for new aircraft to our system.

Gulfstream G100

Gulfstream G200

Didn't see your aircraft? Give us a shout, and we would be glad to add it for you!


Maverick is offered on a monthly or on an annual basis. Prices are per tail number.



  • The demo mode will allow you to experience the software before you decide to subscribe.


$499.99 / year

  • Subscribe for the annual option and save 25% on your purchase!


$54.99 / month

  • For those who like the flexibility of paying month by month without a long term commitment.

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